Bister is the story of a brand that, since its birth in 1926, pays the utmost attention to the quality of its products. The ingredients are constantly controlled and the recipes scrupulously respected.

The Little Mustard Museum

Demonstrating the know-how that has been passed down through generations, the Little Museum of Bister Mustard in Achêne allows you to explore the history of a mustard like no other.

A return to the roots that is worth a visit!

A families' affair…

who understand and complement each other. In 2020, the Bister brand joined the Belgian “family" of Natura mayonnaise, another brand emblematic of our local know-how. Common values, the desire to do well with good products, to find a way of production closer to consumers, the crossed destinies of Bister and Natura have been sealed by this union for the better and for the taste.